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Gold Mantis Business  school  aims the mission of to promote the company's strategic target as highest goal, to comprehensive assist the middle-high level management staff to promote their career value, to build a Harvard Business School in China's construction and decoration industry. Gold Mantis Business College takes the responsibility to act 3 major roles of ;Business Partner, Talents Cultivator, and Cultural Heir. It constantly improves and provides capable management personnel to the benefits of the company and the industry.In 2012, Gold Mantis Business College was awarded as the first batch demonstration corporate university making itself the first company in the domestic architectural decoration industy to accept such an honor. In August 2013, the construction of an exclusive teaching building of Gold Mantis Business College covering 37 acres in Suzhou Dushu Lake high education town with an investment of 120 million began. After the construction is finished, Gold Mantis Business College will not only offer internal training to boost company's development, but also affect customers, supply chain and partners in a positive way in order to share knowledge, learn from each other and achieve common prosperity.

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  • Soochow University Gold Mantis School of Architecture


    Soochow University Gold Mantis School of Architecture and Urban Environment is situated at the beautiful Dushu Lake Campus of Soochow University. In the end of 2008, in order to deepen the reform of higher education and explore a pattern of school-enterprise cooperation, Soochow University and Gold Mantis co-founded the Soochow University Gold Mantis School of Architecture and Urban Environment based on the original Soochow University School of Urban Environment (public ownership of the School remains unchanged; it is still a public secondary school). There are five majors for undergraduates including architecture, architecture (interior design), city planning, landscape and gardening, one first-class master degree program concerning landscape (engineering and agriculture), two secondary master degree programs including agricultural insect and pest control, and two of professional master's degrees in design and theory of city planning as well as architectural arts. A design major is open to doctoral candidates.

  • Gold Mantis Post-doctoral Workstation


    As a first decoration company to set up a post-doctoral workstation, Gold Mantis made a significant contribution to itself and to the whole industry. The implementation of post-doctoral working system has expanded the channel for companies to attract various excellent and high-quality people, forming a scientific innovation mechanism in architectural decoration facing the society. The mechanism is led by the Workstation and supported by higher institutions and scientific research institutes, which greatly improves the scientific research ability and social influence of Gold Mantis, The combination of industry, university and research advances the innovation of new carriers and helps the company win numerous technological awards. It also provides adequate talents and powerful intelligence support for the rapid development of the company.